Accepting reservations until the end of November 2023

We may not be able to answer the phone during peak check-in hours from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.Please note.
·All rooms are equipped with air purifiers
·【Free Parking】"All rooms are equipped with free wi-fi" [All Rooms Non-Smoking】
"Hotel closest to Buke Yashiki dori", a hotel dedicated to lodging


【Start of resale】Applicable again from May 8th

  • Until the end of June(low budget)

    Applicable only to customers who have made reservations through our company's NET or TEL.
    ※For OTA (Jalan, Rakuten, Yahoo! Travel) reservations, it is necessary to obtain a coupon from each company's website before making a reservation.Not applicable here.
  • Until the end of June "discount application" [Resume】

    Customers who make reservations on the official website or by telephone
    After making a reservation for the exclusive plan, apply for use on the Akita Prefecture "Aki Tabi Campaign Page" and obtain a two-dimensional code.
    ※If you have made a reservation from other "Jalan", "Rakuten", or "Yahoo!", please make sure that the coupon discount is applied to your accommodation reservation, and then apply for use on the "Akita Prefecture Aki Tabi Campaign Site".※If the accommodation fee on the reservation site is not discounted, even if you register for "Aki Tabi", discounts and local coupons cannot be distributed.If you use the "travel agency site", please be sure to obtain the discount right on the "company site" first.

--Important Notice of SDGs--

  • Do you know Plastic Resource Recycling Promotion Law Mandatory reduction of 5 tons per year at hotels

    Initiatives for the Plastic Resource Recycling Promotion Law
    We will stop bringing amenities"toothbrush", "brush", "cotton set" and "razor" that have been set in the room.
    In the future, we will change the "amenities" installed in the lobby to the minimum that you can bring to your room.We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we appreciate your understanding and consideration for the environment.

    In addition, we may review the materials of the amenities currently provided as a free service and charge a fee.Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Best Rate Declaration(Lowest price declaration)

Our approach to countermeasures against new-type coronavirus infections

  • 【Countermeasures】

    Thank you very much for your special attention.
    At Machiya Hotel, as measures against infectious diseases caused by the new coronavirus, the health and safety of our customers and employees are our top priority, and we are taking the following measures so that our customers can use our services with peace of mind.
    In addition, as a measure for business continuity, we are operating with fewer staff and personnel during the hours.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our customers, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
  • 【Hotel Initiatives】

    ·Disinfectants are installed in various places.
    ·We will measure the temperature when you visit us.
    ·In order to respond to customers in a healthy condition, we pay close attention to the health management of our employees and instruct them to thoroughly wash their hands and gargle.
    ·We have set up a “splash splash prevention screen” at the front counter, and employees wear masks and respond to customers.
    ·Room cleaning is performed after ventilation for about 1 to 2 hours after use by the customer, and after ventilation and spraying alcohol disinfectant.As much as possible, the rooms used the previous day are controlled not to be used the next day.
    ·We are also taking measures to shorten the contact time by reducing the number of personnel during the time.
  • After March 13, 2023 "Optional" [Request to customers】

    ·Please cooperate with alcohol disinfection when entering the museum.
    ·If you have a fever or are not feeling well, please refrain from visiting the museum.
    ·If you feel unwell during your visit, please contact a staff member near you.
    ·Please check the temperature at check-in.
    ·Please show your ID at check-in.
    Going forward, we will keep an eye on administrative policies and trends in infection status and implement preventive measures.We apologize for the inconvenience, but please understand.

Akita / Kakunodate Machiya Hotel

  • "Aiming for an easy-to-use hotel located in the center of Small Kyoto・Kakunodate "

    "Small Kyoto・Kakunodate" is a town where you can enjoy the scenery with the atmosphere every season.
    In addition, it has been designated as an "preserved area of important traditional buildings", which has remained unchanged for more than 300 years."Buke Yashiki dori, " which is a tourist attraction, has many of the buildings and Buke Yashiki (samurai residence) that follow the land allocation of the feudal era.2 minutes walk from Machiya Hotel to Buke Yashiki dori.This is the closest hotel.
  • What is the "Machiya area" where the hotel and Machiya Hotel

    The "Machiya area" where our hotel is located
    "Machiya Yokocho" is a new area that recreates the atmosphere of a former lodging town at the entrance of a former merchant town.
    As a new relaxing inn, "MACHIYA HOTEL KAKUNODATE" wants to welcome visitors to Kakunodate.
    The hotel and Machiya Hotel are "specialized accommodation type" hotels.
    Basically, we do not provide food and drink (breakfast / dinner).
    You can enjoy freely in the town of Kakunodate.
    (Only breakfast is offered as a set at nearby restaurants.)
    As a base for access to the Kakunodate or Kakunodate neighborhood in the "business", "tourism"
    We would be pleased if you could offer accommodation.

    I would like to welcome everyone.

ー Breakfast and restaurants around the hotel ー

  • Hotel breakfast·Restaurants around the hotel

    ≪Lunch / Supper≫
    -Introducing recommended restaurants-
    Machiya Hotel faces the city, there are many recommended restaurants within a 5- to 10-minute walk.

    Proposal of a new form of travel.
    It's about finding your favorite store.

Kakunodate Digital Guide Map

  • Please use the Kakunodate

    Lake Tazawa / Kakunodate Tourism Association has released a digital guide map that is convenient for sightseeing.
    By simply scanning the QR code on your smartphone or tablet, you can see your current location, a guideline for walking, sightseeing and shop information with one hand on your mobile phone.Please use it as an item for walking around Kakunodate

-Recommended facilities / Machiya Yokocho

  • Shokusai Machiyakan second floor, "Restaurant Kakunoda-tei"

    Hotel breakfast service, Restaurant "Kakunoda-tei”"
    Lunch business hours are from 11:00 to 15:00 (lo)
    ·Inaniya Udon · Recommended Parent and Chicken Bowl of Higashiyama Chicken Recommend!
    ·Breakfast is from 7:00 to 9:00 (Reservation required until 19:00 PM the day before)
    ·A Restaurant on the 2nd floor right next to the Restaurant
    apology:Breakfast is not served from December January to the end of March.
  • Kakunodate"I see" Izakaya

    "Izakaya Naruha" arranged the delicious dishes of "Ryotei Tokiwa" so that you can enjoy them casually.

    There are many types and brands of local sake in Akita, so you may find your favorite sake!
    The unit price of food is also "affordable", so don't "eat too much" or "drink too much"!

    The hotel staff is pushing.

    From 17:30 to 23:00(LO food 22:00, drink 22:30)
    Regular holiday:Wednesday
  • Kodawari Kura

    Machiya Hotel next to the Machiya Hotel

    "10 steps on foot", 5 seconds!
    Kakunodate, we have a selection of souvenir dishes competing for 1 or 2
    Kakunodate and selected souvenirs from Akita Prefecture are available!
    Irregular holiday
Surrounding facilities Recommendation facilities·Machiya Yokocho


Google Map

Hotel Name



〒 014 - 0322 1-1 Nanokamachi, Kakunodate Town, Semboku City, Akita Prefecture

Telephone number



【Bullet train】JR Akita Shinkansen Kakunodate Station getting off, a 15-minute walk, "car" 61㎞ than Morioka IC, 26㎞ than Omagari IC, 31 km from Kyowa IC
Go to the traffic access page

-History of Kakunodate Small Kyoto・Kakunodate place `` 2 minutes walk to Buke Yashiki dori''-

  • Know the history of the Kakunodate - more -

    In the Warring States Period, Mr. Tozawa's headquarters.
    1602 (Keiichi 7 years) after the battle of Sekigahara Mr. Totsawa, who had been ruling until then,
    Mr. Satake was transferred to Hitachi Taga-gun (now Hitachi city, Ibaraki prefecture), and Mr. Satake was transferred from Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture, where he was ruling, entered Akita and became the lord of Kubota.
    Kakunodate, 1603 (Keicho 8) the next year, Natori won the name of Yoshinobu Satake 's younger brother and entered the Kakunodate as a deposit (aszukari).Mr. Mr. 's control continued for three generations, but Mr. Mr. 蘆 was severed by the death of the name Chizugumaru in 1653 (adaptation 2 years).Instead, in 1656 (2nd year of the second year), Mr. Satake's branch of Satake Kita, who is a branch of Mr. Satake, entered the Kakunodate, and continued eleven generations until Meiji era.
  • I feel the atmosphere of Kakunodate

    From the time of Edo
    A town on the north side of the town "Buke Yashiki dori" (Uchi machi)
    The south side of the town was a town of merchants (Soto machi).
    Looking at the map of the Kakunodate, the samurai lived in the town name (Ding)
    The town name of the merchant used the letter of (town).
    The area of ​​the hotel might have been a place of exchange where people living in Kakunodate and travelers had gone and gone.
    Space where the appearance of that time revives,
    "New Machiya Yokocho" is a place for new interaction where local people and travelers interact.
  • Sakura at Kakunodate(Dead brown cherry tree)

    Kanaya 20 (1643), Satake Yoshiaki is born as the eldest son of next-generation Satake Kitaya.
    Yoshinobu 4th year (1664), granddaughter and Yoshiaki of Kyoto's Minister Shojo Sanjyou got married.
    My mother who thought of the princess made 3 daughter cherry seedlings of Kyoto together with a wedding tool so that she would not miss her daughter.Yoshiaki who took the thought, added this cherry blossoms and shared it with the rest of the family and planted them in the mansion.Of the 400 remaining fern trees still remaining, 162 are designated as national natural treasures,
    It is very valuable and romantic story that it is still possible to see cherry blossoms over 300 years ago.

-The four seasons of Kakunodate

  • Introducing Shikisai, rich nature and festivals

    In the Akita- Kakunodate you can enjoy the four seasons of village where nature interwoven.
    Here is the original landscape of Japan that feels nostalgic somewhere.

    - spring - - early summer - - summer - - autumn - - winter -

    There are lots of charm of Akita not yet known.

The sister shop, the introduction page of the Tamachi Buke Yashiki Hotel is here

  • Sister store Tamachi Buke Yashiki Hotel HP is this place

    Hotel,Sister facility of "MACHIYA HOTEL KAKUNODATE" "Tamachi Bukeyashiki Hotel"
    MACHIYA HOTEL KAKUNODATE Kakukan 0187-55-2266
    Tamachi Buke Yashiki Hotel 0187-52-1700(Contact information for guests on the day)
    ※The facility names are very similar Please note when booking.
    Both are popular hotels.

    Reservations can be made at the Machiya Hotel Reservation Center.
    【Machiya / Samurai】Reservation Center 0187-55-2266

We are waiting for the coming of everyone from the bottom of our heart

  • Kyoto·Kakunodate

    A Small Kyoto・Kakunodate that entertains visitors with different expressions depending on the season.
    We, MACHIYA HOTEL KAKUNODATE, will be able to make many people, including tourists visiting the Kakunodate, business people, returning home, visiting graves of loved ones and loved ones feel at ease with many guests. I would like to help you though it is weak.
    We will wait for all the staff to use a lot of customers.
    Machiya Hotel Manager

Confirmation of reservation·Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.