2. Surrounding facilities

Surrounding facilities

"Kakunodate" central area

Hotel · souvenir shop · restaurant · Machiya Yokocho chochon which is convenient

  • Sake, One sentence

    “Izakaya” newly created in the Machiya area
    The concept is cheap and I want you to eat delicious food!
    Opening day and night.
    You may have to wait when the store is extremely narrow and crowded.

    For hotel guests, drinks are also available at weekdays only.
    Even if you get drunk, you can rest assured that it takes 30 seconds to reach the hotel.

    Opening Hours
    Part of the day, From 11:00 to 14:00
    Night club, From 17:00 to 22:00
    Regular holiday, every Monday
    Tel, 0187-49-6566
    It ’s delicious! Very Low Price!
  • Kodawari Kura

    Immediately next to Machiya Hotel

    "10 steps on foot", 5 seconds!

    Kakunodate, we have a selection of souvenir dishes competing for 1 or 2
    Kodawari Kura Kakunodate and Akita Prefecture carefully selected souvenir of have aligned!

    Irregular holiday
  • Shokusai Machiyakan first floor (From 8:00 business hours)

    A souvenir handled by Akita Saka Produce

    "25 steps on foot", 13 seconds!

    The famous items in the prefecture are slurry!
    Kakunodate the city of Kakunodate, it is the best sales area.

    Credit card / electronic money available

    Irregular holiday
  • Shokusai Machiyakan second floor, "Restaurant Kakunoda-tei"

    Hotel breakfast service, Restaurant "Kakunoda-tei”"
    Breakfast is from AM 7: 00 to AM 9: 00, (reservation system, until 18 PM on the previous day)
    The second floor immediately after leaving the hotel

    Lunch business hours are from 11:00 to 15:00 (lo)
    ·Inaniya Udon · Recommended Parent and Chicken Bowl of Higashiyama Chicken Recommend!