2. Tourism around Kakunodate (Wide area)

Tourism around Kakunodate (Wide area)

Kakunodate -- Small Kyoto・Kakunodate's tourist attraction, "2-minute walk to Buke Yashiki dori"

  • Lake Tazawa

    • Japan's best transparency

      About 45 minutes by car from the mysterious lake "Lake Tazawa"Machiya Hotel

      Mysterious lake, Lake Tazawa
      Depth of Japan's best, 423 m, Diameter 6 km
      Since Tokyo Tower is 333 meters, it enters Lake Tazawa comfortably.
      Because of its depth, it does not freeze even in winter.
      It is the 17th deepest in the world, and the deepest in the world as the depth of Lake Lake Baikal (natural lake).

      Once upon a time, there was a beautiful Tatsuko named Tatsuko in this area. Tatsuko secretly put a wish for 100 days and a hundred nights on the Okura Kannon secretly to want to keep its beauty and youth forever.
      In the evening of fullness, there was a message saying "If you drink the spring of the spring that springs north, your wish will come true."
      Tatsuko went down the way of a deep forest and found a spring that was among the rocks at the back of the mountain.
      Drinking water from the fountain by hand, somehow thirst for some reason, even if you drink or drink can not be satisfied.Tatsuko finally got angry and kept drinking so that the spring withered.
      Crazily Tatsuko was drinking a notice return to me and Tatsuko of the body had become a big dragon.
      Tatsuko became dragon, lived quietly try sunk deep into the bottom of the lake hiding in the Tazawakata
  • Omagari·Yokote

    • Omagari, Daisen City Yokote City

      Daisen City 30 to 40 minutes by car to Daisen City, near Omagari Station
      About 45 minutes to Omagari IC
      "Fireworks display in Omagari", one of the three major fireworks festivals in Japan "All Japan Fireworks Competition" A competition fireworks contest that competes with the technology of Japanese firefighters. To be selected for this fireworks festival is the honor of fireworks' masters and you can see the launch of fireworks with pride.

      About 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes to Yokote Station
      About 1 hour and 15 minutes to Yokote IC
      "Yokote’s Kamakura Festival" A winter festival held as a February New Year event
  • Akita City

    • Akita City

      Akita Station takes about 1 hour and 5 minutes to Akita Station via motorway National Route 46 → Route 13
      Prefectural office location in Akita prefecture
      It is also the biggest commercial district in Akita and many events are held every year.The "National Important Intangible Cultural Property・ Akita Kanto Festival"National Important Intangible Cultural Property・ Akita Kanto Festival, which is famous for the three major summer festivals in Tohoku, will be held from August 3 to 6.

      Akita City takes about 1 hour 30 minutes to Akita City Serion Tower via National Route 46 → National Route 7. The observation deck is free for you to enjoy.Please drop in because it is also a road station.

  • Oga Peninsula

    • Oga Peninsula

      About 2 hours 15 minutes by car to Oga"Aquarium GAO"
      Akita's aquarium, "Sailfin sandfish” water tank is rare in the country.
      Let's go see the polar bear's "Gota"!

      About two hours by car to Oga"Namahage Denshokan"
      Speaking of Akita, the "Namahage"Oga no Shinzan Shrine and Namahage Denshokan.
      In particular Shinzan Shrine ritual, which is three days held every year in February in the precincts of Shinzan Shrine second gold, Saturday and Sunday, Sedo Festival (Saito Festival) is powerful exceptional even in the winter festival that combines the folk event Namahage is. Shinzan Shrine brave and powerful dances of the Namahage, which are unfolded under the light of light that has risen up in the precincts of Mayan Shinzan Shrine, fascinates the viewer.

      About 2 hours and 20 minutes by car to Oga"Nyudo Cape"
      Nyudosaki Lighthouse chosen as "Japan’s 50 Lighthouses Selection" is also famous as a UFO spot for some manias "a lighthouse that can be climbed at the northernmost tip of Japan"
  • Iwate·Koiwai

    • Shizukuishi Iwate Prefecture, Koiwai Farm

      Koiwai Farm was established in 1890, when Nippon Railway extended its Tohoku Main Line to Morioka Station, and in 1891 the following year, Yanosuke Iwasaki Gishin Ono, Vice President of Nippon Railway Company, and Yanosuke Iwasaki, President of Mitsubishi Corporation Corporation, It is famous that the three members of the Ministry of Railways Commissioner Masaru Inoue became the co-founder, taking the first letters of the surnames of the three people and named “Koiwai” Farm. Facilities including "Koiwai Makibaen" are recommended spots as sightseeing spot now. Enjoy lighting tours and illumination of winter season, all year round.