2. Transportation access & parking lot

Transportation access & parking lot

Front of hotel entrance, free parking lot 16 units, other 3 minutes walking parking available≪Free≫

Parking lot reservations are not accepted.
Parking is given priority over customers arriving early.
If the parking lot in front of the hotel is full, we will guide you to the second parking lot.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
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〒 014 - 0322 1-1 Nanokamachi, Kakunodate Town, Semboku City, Akita Prefecture

Telephone number



【Bullet train】JR Akita Shinkansen Kakunodate Station getting off, a 15-minute walk, "car" 61㎞ than Morioka IC, 26㎞ than Omagari IC, 31 km from Kyowa IC

※In the event of a major disaster in the area, guests staying at Machiya Hotel next to the Semboku City Hall will
We would like to inform you about the `` Kakunodate Exchange Center,'' ``77-30 Nakasugasawa, Kakunodate cho, Semboku City,'' and ``0187-54-1003.''15-minute walk
  • When using a car

    Access method 1: Access from the direction of Tokyo · Sendai
    ◆Via Omagari IC National Route 13 → National Route 105 Kakunodate, Lake Tazawa area → Turn left at Kamisugazawa intersection

    Access method 2: From Morioka
    Immediately turn left out to the right, - the road along the banks in turn right Kakunodate Bypass to Morioka direction Tohoku Expressway, to Morioka IC via ~ Route 46 Akita, Yokomachibashi turn left off at the Kakunodate Bypass the second exit

    Free parking available
    In front of 1st parking hotel entrance, 1st parking 16 units, others, parking multiple within 3 minutes on foot

    Attention: At the Hikiyama festival in September Kakunodate, we can not provide guidance to the parking lot because the traffic regulation is near the hotel.I am asking for coming by train.
  • By airplane

    ·Haneda Airport - Akita Airport (1 hour 5 minutes to 10 minutes)
    ·Osaka International Airport - Akita Airport (1 hour 20 minutes)
    ·Chubu Centrair International Airport - Akita Airport (1 hour 25 minutes)

    Akita Airport arrived at the hotel in about 45 minutes using the “Akita Airport Liner” from Akita Airport Liner.
    ※Airport Liner, reservations are required until 17 o'clock the previous day.
    Airport Liner For inquiries, please contact TEL 0 18 - 867 - 7444

  • When coming by train

    Tokyo Station → Akita Shinkansen Komachi, (3 hours)→Kakunodate Station → Taxi, (5 minutes or 15 minutes on foot)
    Sendai Station → Akita Shinkansen Komachi, (1 hour 40 minutes)→Kakunodate Station → Taxi, (5 minutes or 15)

    Tsunodate Station>
    Kakunodate Station takes about 13 to 15 minutes on foot from Kakunodate Station to the Machiya Hotel.
    Machiya Hotel is no transfer car between Machiya Hotel Kakunodate Station.
    Explore the town on foot!
    If you are going directly to Buke Yashiki (samurai residence), we recommend using the Yobunoru Taxi.

    ◆People on foot
    Go out Kakunodate Station ticket gate and go straight around the roundabout.
    Approximately 9 minutes (750 m) turn right at the end of the T-junction and roughly 2 minutes (180 m)
    Turn left at the traffic light and the building is diagonally behind Lawson.
    ◆Taxi people
    Kakunodate Station rotary to "Machiya Hotel" is about 810 yen.

    【Manager's recommendation! 】
    ◆Kakunodate on-demand transportation"Call"(Reservation-based shared taxi)
    "Yobunoru Kakunodate" is a service that allows you to travel from any location within the service area to any other location.
    This is a shared transportation service that operates when a customer makes a reservation!
    Please make a reservation via the URL below.400 yen per person per session
  • List of emergency evacuation shelters in Kakunodate Town, Senboku City

    A list of evacuation shelters in case of emergencies and disasters will be posted as part of disaster prevention measures.