2. Best Rate Declaration

Best Rate Declaration

  • For NET reservations, official website reservations are the best deals!

    We declare that the accommodation plan offered on the Machiya Hotel official website are the best rates available than any accommodation reservation website that can be booked online.

    ※Only when compared to the time of the reservation (same date and time).
    ※With respect to the long-term accommodation, tailored to more customers if you can book by phone, we will be happy to provide you with the best deals plan
  • ~ Not covered by warranty ~
    In order to guarantee the lowest price, the following cases will be excluded from comparison.Thank you for understanding in advance.

    ·Unpublished rates that are not intended for general customers, such as corporate contract rates and group rates
    ·Limited-time sales and campaigns conducted on other companies' Internet sites
    ·Special charges that the hotel cannot participate in, such as limited plan for the site members(Including points and coupons)
    ·Fees that cannot be reserved on the Internet site, such as bookings accepted only by telephone
    ·Package fee that includes use of facilities other than accommodation, transportation, meals, etc.
    ·Fees that do not involve the hotel in the sales amount, such as sales by travel agencies (arranged travel, etc.)

Machiya Hotel Official Website Limited plan

  • There are many plan that are sold only on their official website.
    We will provide you with a great plan that matches your stay.