2. Business


  • MACHIYA HOTEL KAKUNODATE is a "specialized hotel for accommodation".

    What is the "hotel specializing in accommodation"···
    This hotel is for business users. Night, food, separated accommodation style.
    Dinner is outside the hotel as there are "party dinners, meetings, social gatherings and social gatherings" with customers.····
    As for breakfast, "we do not usually eat and do not have meal, we do not arrive at meeting place early without meeting early"···

    "Breakfast separation" that usage spreads!

    Dinner, "I want to enjoy the local cuisine in the likely tavern go by local people of Kakunodate"I want to look for your favorite store," "cheap and look for a good shop", and the like which use is freely!

    It is an accommodation method that can freely change the way of accommodation for “nighttime separation”.