2. Business long stay

Business long stay

For customers considering business and long stay

Of course, two consecutive nights a day, of course,
Weekly monthly business trip,
In addition to single-person use, accommodation such as training,
It can also be used as a base for long-term travel stays.

If you have any questions,
Please feel free to contact us at TEL 0187-55-2001, "Reception time, 9: 00-22: 00".

~Merit to stay in a hotel for a long time~

  • There is no extra cost

    There is no extra cost

    ·No deposit, no key money, no fee, no utilities costs during the stay
    ·You can spend comfortably in a clean room every day, · Cleaning costs, no cleaning costs when leaving.

     ※No cleaning possible. In relation to the guidance of the health center, we will clean up once every three days

  • ➁ Useful facilities and services are fulfilling!

    ➁ Useful facilities and services are fulfilling!

    ·Enriched amenities, abundant loans, free Wi-Fi, taxi arrangement, courier service
    ·Copy, fax available, 24-hour coin laundry available (No detergent required)
  • 3 convenient spots around the hotel

    3 convenient spots around the hotel

    A convenience store is adjacent, so it's very convenient for a little shopping! , Other, there are a lot of useful facilities!
    Please feel free to ask the front desk for support during your stay, such as hospital introductions and information on various facilities.
    Buke Yashiki (samurai residence) also close, so you can enjoy sightseeing while taking a break from work.

About long stay

The hotel staff will propose an accommodation plan that suits your needs.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

TEL 0187-55-2001, "Reception time, 9: 00-22: 00 "
  • Continuous accommodation plan for medium and long-term continuous stay guests

    For mid- and long-term guests 
    【Leave the room type to the inn】
    ≪Continuous stay / long stay≫【Only Room/ No Meals Included】"No room cleaning discount" special rate plan
    ① Acceptable for reservations of 3 nights or more
    ② The room type is guaranteed more than double!
    ·Whenever possible, rooms will be provided in twins.
    ·Even if you book from a twin, it may be a double.
    ·Even if you make a reservation from a double, you may be guided to a twin.
    ③We do not clean your room.
    ミ Mineral water for the number of nights
    ·However, cleaning will be performed once every four days.
    ※If you are unsatisfied with this plan, feel uneasy, want to specify a room, or if you have a possibility of change, go to another plan