2. GoTo User Guide

GoTo User Guide

【GoTo Travel Campaign】User guide

What is the GoTo Travel Campaign?

  • This is a project in which the state supports half of the total cost of domestic travel with overnight stays or day trips.
    Of the benefits, 70% will be given to travel discounts and 30% will be given as a regional common coupon that can be used at the destination.

    The 1st:~ September 30, 2020 Travel price discount only
    The 2nd:Travel price discount + distribution of regional coupons from October 1, 2020

    ·Due to the government's announcement, the campaign has been suspended from December 28, 2020 to January 11, 2021 due to the spread of the infection.
     During this period, those who obtained coupons with STAY NAVI and those who applied by phone are also welcome.
     Please understand that the discount will be invalid.
    ·The campaign has a budget and discounts may not apply when the budget is over.
     Please understand.

Registered for participating facilities in "GoTo Travel Campaign"

Please make a reservation by the following procedure.

① When making a reservation《A to D》

  • 《A》Book the "GoTo Travel Campaign Target"plan on the Machiya Hotel Official Website
    ⇒For details, go to "GoTo Travel Official Website Reservation Special Page"
  • 《B》Machiya Hotel reservation directly by phone to the Machiya Hotel
    ⇒Tell the reservation desk that you are using the GoTo Travel Campaign Discount
    ⇒For details, go to "GoTo Travel Telephone Reservation Special Page"
  • 《C》Make a reservation from an internet travel site
    ⇒Please make reservations according to the rules of "Jalan net", "Rakuten travel", "Yahoo travel" and other sites.

    ●Booking using an internet travel agency
    ·Jalan net
    (You must agree to use the GoTo Travel Campaign when entering payment information)

    ·Rakuten Travel
    (Must earn GoTo Travel campaign coupon before booking)

    ·Yahoo Travel
    (Must earn GoTo Travel campaign coupon before booking)

    Please be sure to check the details of the travel agency as the content may change.
  • 《D》Book from travel agency
    ⇒Please purchase products eligible for "GoTo Travel Campaign" discount at each travel agency

② If you have already made a reservation(Accommodation after October 1st)

  • Please contact the travel site of each company or the travel agency that made the reservation.
    (Basically, I think that reservations are often re-booked.)

    ※In particular, customers who live in Tokyo and make reservations before 12:00 on September 18, 2020 are not eligible for the GOTO campaign.We recommend that you make a reservation for the GOTO campaign again.
  • ※Whichever booking method you choose, if you are using the GoTo Travel Campaign,
     Please note that we ask all our customers to do the following.

     ·Temperature measurement for all guests,Fill out the questionnaire
     ·Fill in the address for all guests and show identification(What can prove your place of residence such as a license)