2. Surrounding facilities

Surrounding facilities

"Kakunodate" central area

Hotel · souvenir shop · restaurant · Machiya Yokocho chochon which is convenient

  • Enthusiasm

    Immediately next to Machiya Hotel

    "10 steps on foot", 5 seconds!

    Kakunodate, we have a selection of souvenir dishes competing for 1 or 2
    "Passion store" We have all the selected souvenirs in Kakunodate and Akita prefecture!

    Irregular holiday
  • Ichiwa Machiyokan 1st floor

    A souvenir handled by Akita Saka Produce

    "25 steps on foot", 13 seconds!

    The famous items in the prefecture are slurry!
    Kakunodate the city of Kakunodate, it is the best sales area.

    Credit card / electronic money available

    Irregular holiday
  • Ichi Machiya Kan 1st floor, "Hard rock garden (hard pot)"

    Shops where you can enjoy local chicken curry and world 1 beer in the world
    Hard rock garden (hard pot)

    Immediately behind Machiya Hotel, Shichi Machiya Hall Stores in the back street.Lake Tazawa Beer Alto's world- Lake Tazawa award-winning beer (650 yen), special peach pork special spare ribs (1,200 yen) and local favorites are popular in the evening.Local sake is abundant, too.It is a shop where tourists and locals can interact.
    Counter bar with charm owner's passion food ingredients.
    Kakunodate it is a precious Western-style bar style restaurant.
    You can also enjoy local sake in Akita.

    Kakunodate Yokocho 42-1 Ichiro Machiya Hall 1F
    18:00 to 23:00(food · 22: 00 L.O., drink · 22: 30 L.O.)
    Holidays/Irregular holiday

    ◎ It is very popular with hotel guests.

  • Ichiro machiyakukan 2nd floor, "Restaurant Kaku No Da Tei"

    Hotel breakfast shop, "Restaurant"Kaku No Da Tei""
    Breakfast is from AM 7: 00 to AM 9: 00, (reservation system, until 18 PM on the previous day)
    The second floor immediately after leaving the hotel

    Lunch business hours are from 11:00 to 15:00 (lo)
    ·Inaniya Udon · Recommended Parent and Chicken Bowl of Higashiyama Chicken Recommend!
  • Sister store, Tamachi Buke Yashiki Hotel restaurant restaurant Tate-no-ki Tei, Recommended for dinner

    "Tamachi Buke Yashiki Hotel restaurant in Tamachi Buke Yashiki Hotel restaurant Tate-no-ki Tei"
    Dinner at the sister facility of Machiya Hotel"Tamachi Buke Yashiki Hotel restaurant in the restaurant Tate-no-ki Tei is recommended.

    Random Creative course, 5,000 yen for one person - tax not included -(Reservation system)
    You can enjoy a cuisine prepared with carefully selected ingredients of Akita · Tohoku and local cuisine.
    For reservation please feel free to inquire to Machiya Hotel or Tamachi Buke Yashiki Hotel.

    ※Accommodation Reservation

    Tamachi Buke Yashiki Hotel front desk
    TEL 0 187-52-1700
    ※Please contact us for dinner reservation.

    ※The reservation of the day is expected to be difficult for convenience of the seat.
    Please inquire with your reservation.


    Leave Chief Chef course
    One person 5,000 yen(tax excluded)

    Gentle wind

    〇Appetizer, · pickled with pickled cheese, · pickled with herbal cheese · · Yoshimaru Ten · · bamboo shoot bamboo roll · · Himuro plum · boiled peach sword · · red ball Yellow sushi · · Mizu plum jellyfish
    〇Direction, ·Katsuo burned frost building, ·Uematsu skin, ·Buddha shrimp, ·A wife's set, ·Yama Ao
    〇Firing, ·Tsuno Shrimp, ·Wagyu beef grind gold paper roll, ·Jade eggplant, ·broad bean, ·Kaede, ·Tree buds
    〇A spirit, ·Spring roll fried with arye, ·Deep fried sesame tofu, ·Back White Shiitake, ·Yamaokutai, ·Blue Tang, ·Lemon
    〇Evolution, ·Akita beef fillet, ·Minute Steak Japanese-style sauce
    〇Living, · Tamizuki and Tsuwa Ikki cooked rice
    〇Fragrance, ·Pickled in place
    〇A boat, ·Inani Udon, ·water shield, ·Condiment, ·Delicious taste
    〇Succulent Yuzu Sorbet

    Tamachi Bukeyashiki Hotel
    June 15 th Heisei 20
    (The contents will be changed by season · purchase. Please note.)